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Gorillaz’s 2-D and Damon Albarn Perform ‘Aries’ on Kimmel Live

Gorillaz Damon Albarn 2-D

Gorillaz are no strangers to blending their part-human-part-animation music group on the live stage. However, Damon Albarn and 2-D’s recent performance of “Aries” on Jimmy Kimmel Live took that to another level.

Albarn sang most of the vocals with 2-D nodding to the beat for the most of the song. However, there is a point where the video expands 2-D’s screen and shows him taking over the mic while Albarn plays keys.

And around the two-minute mark, a guy in a towel with some kind of big mask on starts doing stretches behind 2-D and even acknowledges the camera at the end of his little exercise.

Albarn recently did a special performance of his solo project for Boiler Room while the Gorillaz have been dropping new songs from their Song Machine project throughout the global pandemic. So it’s safe to safe they all have been busy.

Watch Albarn and 2-D’s performance of “Aries” below.