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GWAR’s Jizmak Da Gusha Tells Fans to Drink Bleach: ‘Shoot it, Smoke It’

If you know GWAR, you know they’ve been unafraid to voice their opinion on what’s happening with COVID-19. Just ask CNN how that appearance went (pretty good if we’re being honest).

The shock rockers doubled down on preaching gloom and doom.

On the band’s Twitter account, drummer Jizmak Da Gusha praised President Trump while urging fans (mockingly) to drink bleach.

“It was really great to hear our president in America say that it was OK to, you know, use bleach as a cleaner, or as a drug. I mean, GWAR’s been using it as a drug forever, so, you know, this is the stuff,” Da Gusha stated. “You can inhale it, that’s a fun way. You can try to smoke it, shoot it. Obviously, drink it that’s the best. That’s what I like to do, just get the big old bottle and chug away!”

He closed by staying: “Be safe but stay sick!”

If you’re not in on the joke, Da Gusha is definitely joking — so please don’t drink or inject or do anything with bleach except to use it to wash stuff or listen to Nirvana’s album of that name.

Watch the full PSA below:

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