Pearl Jam Share Teaser for ‘Seven O’Clock’

Pearl Jam gigaton

For the past few days, Pearl Jam has steadily revealed snippets of several songs from the upcoming Gigaton. So, why should today be any different?

The band, on their social media platforms, revealed an instrumental section of “Seven O’Clock.” Across an image of a sunset on the ocean, words read “They giveth/And they taketh/And you fight/To keep that/What you’ve earned/We saw the destination/Got so close/Before it turned/Swim sideways from this undertow/And do not be deterred.”

Earlier in the day, Mike McCready went on Pearl Jam’s social pages to give fans a message of what he’s been up — including music, poetry and book selections. He then went on to noodle on his guitar.

Pearl Jam’s Gigaton is out on March 27. Read our review here.

Check out the teaser and McCready’s video below.


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