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Fiona Apple Reveals New Album Details

Fiona Apple
BEVERLY HILLS, CA - FEBRUARY 28: Recording artist Fiona Apple performs during the Venice Family Clinic Silver Circle 2011 Gala at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel on February 28, 2011 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Fiona Apple revealed that she will be back with a new album last week, and fans everywhere rejoiced.

And now in a new interview with The New Yorker, Apple said that her fifth album is called Fetch the Bolt Cutters,” which was inspired by the U.K. crime series, The Fall. “Really, what it’s about is not being afraid to speak,” Apple also added regarding the LP title.

The piece also reported that she considered using a drawing of Harvey Weinstein and his walker for the cover of the album.

There will 13 songs on the record including “Newspaper,” “On I Go,” “The Drumset Is Gone,” “Rack of His,” “Kick Me Under the Table,” “Ladies,” “For Her,” “Fetch the Bolt Cutters,” “Shameka,” “Heavy Balloon,” and “I Want You to Love Me.”

Fetch the Bolt Cutters brought together drummer Aileen Wood, Soul Coughing bassist Sebastian Steinberg and guitarist Davíd Garza. Apple’s sister, Amber, who records under the moniker Maude Maggart, did vocal harmonies for the LP. Model and actress Cara Delevigne also sang on the title track.

While it wasn’t surprising that she took years to write and record the new record, the process also included a three-week period at Sonic Ranch in Texas. Apple admitted that she watched the 2014 film, Whiplash, while on mushrooms.

And “The Drumset Is Gone” was written while Apple fought with her bandmates following her split from writer Jonathan Ames. The piece delved into her previous relationships aside from Ames and gives fans more insight into Apple’s different experiences and what likely fueled much of the new record.

Read the full interview here.