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Grimes Tackles Opioid Addiction in “Delete Forever”


On the heels of her upcoming album, Miss Anthropocene, Grimes has shared a new track titled “Delete Forever” — a song that she says was “kind of about the opioid epidemic.”

“It’s a pretty bummer song,” she said in an interview with Beats1’s Zane Lowe, “Oh my God, I’m so bad at talking about this song. I guess this song is kind of — I guess it’s kind of about the opioid epidemic and that kinda thing ’cause uh, I’ve had like, quite a few friends actually like, pass away, in particular, one friend when I was like 18 passed away, from complications related to opioid addiction.

She also revealed that she penned the tune the same night that Lil Peep died.

“It’s just like, you know, artists keep dying and stuff,” she said. “So, I wrote this song on the night Lil Peep died or whatever ’cause I just got super — super triggered by that.”

Known for her eclectic and electric sound,” “Delete Forever” followed the acoustic path, which emphasizes the melancholy lyrical tone.

“When I was making this song I was trying to be more like Patsy Cline or something like I was trying to be country or something,” she said, “but I feel like it’s more like…when you go to a punk show and they play some acoustic shit, but it’s super aggro.”

Grimes’ Miss Anthropocene will be released on Feb 21.

Listen to the track below: