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Thurston Moore Releases Cover of New Order’s “Leave Me Alone”

Thurston Moore Covers "Leave Me Alone" by New Order

Thurston Moore has released a sparse and haunting cover of New Order‘s song “Leave Me Alone” off their landmark 1983 album Power, Corruption & Lies. The cover is a B-side to a series of three 7″ singles Moore will release on November 8 on the Daydream Library Series imprint Moore founded with Eva Prinz. The A-sides will consist of various live recordings of Thurston Moore Group performances from earlier this year.

According to an interview with the Quietus, Moore recorded the cover while in New Order’s old stomping grounds.

“Salford is the only place I would dare cover a New Order song, with local musicians and local pints. It was just one of those rare occasions, where something I wouldn’t normally do was done just for fun, and in homage and respect to the place,” Moore said. “Anyway, it was a sweet time and recorded without any fuss, and maybe it worked out at least for this B-side. Since these 7″s are artist limited editions, we decided to make it the B-side for all three singles, so people can actually get hold of a copy. We will make sure the release is in Salford too.”

Moore also explained that he chose “Leave Me Alone” because he was amazed that New Order released such a “life-affirming song” after dealing with the suicide of Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis.

“I had a ticket to see Joy Division in New York when their tour had been announced, obviously before Ian Curtis died. It broke my heart that I never saw them all together,” Moore explained. He added: “To consider New Order releasing that beautiful song after everything they had been through at that point is what I was thinking about when I read the lyrics. We don’t often hear this song played these days.”

Moore also has a new 3-disc album Spirit Counsel dropping on September 21.