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Is Blueface’s Name Misspelled On the Cover of His New EP?

Let us spend a brief moment considering the cover artwork for Los Angeles rapper Blueface’s new EP Dirt Bag. You may know Blueface for his controversial beat-adjacent vocal style, or at least his viral single “Thotiana,” which earned him a Cash Money record deal earlier this year. Dirt Bag is his first release through the historic label. Here is the project’s artwork:


The pedantic question that has enthralled the SPIN newsroom on a slow Friday is this: Does that look like a space between the letters E and F? You’ll notice that the edges of the other letters in BLUE and FACE each hang over their immediate neighbors ever so slightly. E and F are notably less cozy.

The most generous read, in my opinion, is that Cash Money’s graphic designer used a font that only makes it appear as if Blueface’s name is misspelled on his own cover art. The other possible explanation is that Blueface’s name is misspelled on his own cover art.

Update (Aug. 12): Cash Money denies that Blueface’s name is misspelled. “To answer your question no there is no space between Blueface…It just looks like there’s a space because of the font,” a publicist told SPIN.

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