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Chastity Belt Announce New Self-Titled Album, Release “Ann’s Jam”

Chastity Belt have announced their fourth studio album, Chastity Belt, and released a brand new single titled “Ann’s Jam.” It’s in the vein of what we’ve come to expect from the Seattle quartet—a  somber meditation on nostalgia in hazy, resonant guitar flourishes. The song comes along with fun self-shot music video, and was co-produced by Jay Som’s Melina Duterte.

Chastity Belt’s guitarist Lydia Lund said that the new album grew out of the band’s short musical hiatus back in 2018: “So much of the break was reminding ourselves to stay present, and giving ourselves permission to stop without saying when were gonna meet up again. It was so important to have that—not saying, ‘we’re gonna get back together at this point,’ but really just open it up so we could get back to our present connection.”

The band’s excellent I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone, came out in 2017. Since then, Julia Shapiro has released a solo album and a collaborative album with Lisa Prank’s Robin Edwards and Tacocat’s Bree McKenna as Who Is She?.

Check out the new video for “Ann’s Jam” below, and revisit our review of I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone hereChastity Belt is out September 20 on Hardly Art.

Chastity Belt tracklist:

01. “Ann’s Jam”
02. “Elena”
03. “Effort”
04. “Rav-4″
05. “It Takes Time”
06. “Apart”
07. “Half-Hearted”
08. “Split”
09. “Drown”
10. “Pissed Pants”