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Fire Breaks Out at Berlin’s Club der Visionäre

Club der Visionaere, Kreuzberg, Berlin, Deutschland (Photo by Schöning/ullstein bild via Getty Images)

A fire broke out early Saturday morning at Club der Visionäre, a well-known riverside bar and nightclub in Berlin’s Kreuzberg neighborhood. German newspaper Der Spiegel reports that firefighters arrived at the scene in the early morning. An official account for the Berlin Feuerwehr later announced that three people were “slightly injured,” but that the nightclub was burned out “almost completely.” The source of the fire is still unknown.

A team of 70 firefighters and other personnel was able to contain the fire’s spread. While the extent of the damage hasn’t yet been confirmed by police, video footage shows that the damage was mostly limited to the outdoor patio, with the club’s indoor dancefloor and office area largely untouched by the flames.