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Watch Part 2 of R. Kelly’s CBS This Morning Interview

A second set of clips from R. Kelly‘s interview with Gayle King aired today on CBS This Morning. The first half of an edited version of their 80-minute discussion premiered yesterday, featuring a highly emotional Kelly disputing every claim by his multitude of accusers, including having sexual relations with women under the age of 17.

In today’s talk, Kelly did more of the same, but also explained why the state of his finances was so bad that he could not pay the $161,000 he apparently owes to his ex-wife of 13 years, Andrea Kelly. (The singer was taken into custody for failing to pay the charges yesterday in Chicago.) In an attempt to counteract reports that he had made expensive settlements with three women accusing him of abuse, R. Kelly instead claimed, ambiguously, that “people have been stealing [his] money.” He claimed that he recently went to the bank, supposedly for the first time ever, to take control of and rearrange his funds.

“People was connected to my account,” Kelly said. “I went by myself for the first time to a Bank of America. Didn’t know what I was doing. Didn’t know what the hell was going on.” In response to King’s suggestion that a lot of that issue “was on [him],” Kelly admitted: “A lot of it’s on me.”

Kelly also disputed claims of repeated abuse made by his ex-wife in the Surviving R. Kelly documentary. “She’s not telling the truth. I love her to death. I, you know, I have nothing against her still. That is my kids’ mother. I’m not disrespecting her by saying she’s not telling the truth. I’m just being honest.”

Later, a tearful, unhinged Kelly lashed out at his ex-wife, saying she destroyed his livelihood and blaming that for his inability to pay her: “How can I pay child support? How? If my ex-wife is destroying my name and I can’t work? How can I work, how can I get paid, how can I take care of my kids?”

The singer also reacted to Andrea Kelly’s account of him allegedly hogtying her. “I don’t know how to hogtie people! Why would I do that?” he said. “My kids is listening to this, all of this nonsense and I ain’t been able to spend no time with them. This is real. What kind of woman would tear down a dad who’s trying to have a relationship with their kids? You know how many kids need a relationship with their father?”

CBS also aired an interview with two women who allegedly still live with Kelly, 21-year-old Joycelyn Savage and 23-year-old Azriel Clary, who Kelly described in the first part of the interview as his “girlfriends.” Savage and Clary told King that they love and are in a “very strong relationship” with Kelly. “Well, both, we both have our relationships with him and we all are family,” a heated Clary explained, refusing to discuss her sexual relationship with Kelly.

Clary went onto discuss her relationship with her family, calling her father “a manipulative liar” and denying his reports that his daughter had sex with Kelly when she was just 17. Clary said that her parents had wanted her to lie about her age when she was 17 in order to get close to the singer, and that they were currently threatening both her and Kelly for money. “When I was 17, my parents were actually making me, trying to get me to take photos with him, take sexual videos with him, all kinds of stuff,” she alleged. Savage agreed with Clary, saying: “Our parents are out here just to get money.” Clary later broke into tears, calling people “ignorant and stupid” for believing their parents’ account of events. Kelly, Clary, and Savage all deny that Kelly attempted to lure them in with promises of advancing their musical careers.

Before and after the segment, Gayle King noted that R. Kelly entered the room during the interview from Clary and Savage despite having promised not to do so. Though he was “around the corner” and the interviewees couldn’t see him, King noted that he would “cough very loudly, so they were aware that he was there.”

The full uncut interview with Kelly is scheduled to air on Friday night on CBS. Watch the clips aired this morning below.