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Rihanna Sues Her Dad for Exploiting the Fenty Brand Name

Rihanna Sues Dad Ronald Fenty
XXX attends the Fenty Beauty by Rihanna Anniversary Event on October 3, 2018 in Sydney, Australia.

Rihanna, aka Robyn Fenty, is suing her father, Ronald Fenty, for invasion of privacy and false advertising related to her father allegedly exploiting her name to enrich himself, The Blast reports. The court documents allege that Fenty and his business partner Moses Perkins founded a company called Fenty Entertainment in 2017 and made false claims about being affiliated with the singer on the company’s official website and social media channels. As such, the suit accuses the elder Fenty of bilking money from third party vendors who were under the impression that they were doing business with Rihanna herself. She is requesting that an injunction be put on Fenty Entertainment and is seeking an unspecified amount in damages.

“Although Mr. Fenty is Rihanna’s father, he does not have, and never has had, authority to act on Rihanna’s behalf, nor has he ever been authorized to use her name, intellectual property or publicity rights,” the suit states. The complaint accuses Fenty of trying to book a $15 million tour in Latin America as well as 15-minute performances at Staples Center in Los Angeles and the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas worth a total of around $400,000. Rihanna claims her father attempted to make these deals without her knowledge or participation.

Rihanna also accuses her father of falsely claiming that he consulted her label Roc Nation before making deals. She says that no one at Roc Nation was ever made aware of what her father was doing.

Rihanna has already trademarked the Fenty name for several business ventures, including her wildly successful makeup line and says she  sent several cease and desist letters to the 64-year-old to stop him from allegedly exploiting her trademark. The singer’s dad tried to trademark the Fenty name for a hotel brand in 2018, but he was unsuccessful.

“In sum, the Fenty mark has become inextricably intertwined with Rihanna, including her reputation and her portfolio of business ventures,” the suit reads, “and it is widely recognized by the general consuming public of the United States, and the world, as a designation of source of the goods and services of Rihanna.”

Spin reached out to Fenty Entertainment for comment and will update if we hear back.