Ecuador to Julian Assange: Clean Your Room

Ecuador has reprimanded Wikileaks founder Julian Assange for his lack of tidiness, ABC News Australia reports. Assange has lived in London’s Ecuadorian embassy since 2012 while avoiding extradition to Sweden, where two women have accused him of sexual assault. Ecuador cut off Assange’s access to the embassy’s Wi-Fi network in March. A memo published Monday by Ecuadorian news website Codigo Vidrio states that one condition for Assange to regain internet access is that he must clean his bathroom, according to ABC.

The memo primarily focuses on rules governing Assange’s internet usage, namely that he prohibit from “interfering in the internal affairs of other states” or activities “that could prejudice Ecuador’s good relations with other states,” according to the Associated Press. The embassy cut Assange’s Wi-Fi access after he posted a tweet challenging England’s claim that Russia was behind the near-fatal nerve agent poisoning of a Russian former double agent and the agent’s daughter.

In addition to shutting up online and being less of a slob, Assange must also keep a closer eye on his cat. The memo reportedly threatens to confiscate Assange’s pet unless he looks after it. Taking better care of his only consistent IRL friend seems like a small price to pay for an extremely online dude to regain access to Twitter. Maybe the cat hates him as much as the Ecuadorian diplomats waiting to use the loo.