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Is Post Malone’s Recent Bad Luck the Result of a Strange Curse Unleashed During His Ghost Adventures Appearance?

It’s no secret that Post Malone has had more than his share of bad luck lately. Last month, the rapper’s plane made an emergency landing after blowing two tires during takeoff, narrowly escaping the scene with his life. After enjoying some much-needed wings, pizza and beer, Posty had yet another run-in with death in the form of a serious car accident in West Hollywood, which left his Rolls Royce in bad shape, but the rapper—against all odds—completely unscathed. Earlier this week, Post cheated death yet again as the target of a recent home invasion, where three men broke into his former residence in hopes of robbing the 23-year-old musician. But while he may or may not be getting “Final Destinationed,” is it possible that Post Malone might just be the latest victim of a very old, very strange curse dating back to the Holocaust?

The facts: Post Malone made an appearance on the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures earlier this year where he joined paranormal expert Zak Bagans in investigating what’s been called the “world’s most haunted object.” As TMZ points out, this “dybbuk box”—which means “malicious spirit” in Yiddish—is believed to contain a type of demon called a “dybbuk” and served as inspiration for the 2012 horror film The Possession.

Somehow Bagans got his hands on the box for the show, where he removed its protective outer case for the first time ever on live TV. Post looks pretty freaked out in the original video, and now the show’s host says that Posty could absolutely be cursed from the incident. Bagans says that he touched the box and that Post touched his shoulder, which through some supernatural transitive property apparently means bad things for the “Rockstar” hitmaker.

All of this adds up to something worthy of its own investigation, but while Post continues to play shows throughout the US, won’t someone think of the audience? I ain’t afraid of no ghosts, but can we at least get an exorcism on the rider?

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