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Woman Says She Was Swindled Out of $12K by Bruce Springsteen Imposter on Facebook

Woman Scammed by Bruce Springsteen Impersonator

An unlucky Bruce Springsteen fan claims she got conned out of thousands of dollars after being approached by a person claiming to be The Boss on social media. A woman identified only as “Mary” told CBS Chicago that she was contacted by someone claiming to be Springsteen after she left a comment on a Facebook fan page dedicated to the musician.

“I’m like ‘Whoa, Bruce Springsteen, I’m good, how are you,’” Mary said.

According to Mary, she exchanged photos and texts with the fake Boss for about a year and eventually started sending him iTunes gift cards and, eventually, cash after he claimed that he was divorcing his wife, Patti Scialfa, and needed money. Forbes has previously estimated the singer’s net worth to be around $450 million and he is still married to Scialfa.

After sending Imposter Springsteen what she estimates to be between $400 and $600 in iTunes cards, the scammer apparently upped the ante and sent her a photo of his stash of gold claiming that he needed money to ship it back to the United States from Dubai. She ended up wiring him the cash, which totaled about $11,500.

“My mind was just so, so like maybe brainwashed or something I said okay how much money,” Mary told CBS Chicago. She later added: “I was vulnerable at the time, but you know it hurt, it hurts and you feel so stupid.”

The real Bruce Springsteen’s Facebook page is verified with a blue checkmark, but there’s a plethora of imposter pages on the network.

Last year, a Florida man was arrested after impersonating the drummer from Nickelback in order scam $25,000 worth of microphones.