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Nicki Minaj Talks “Barbie Dreams” Controversy, Writes New Verse About Sex With Colbert on Late Show

Nicki Minaj appeared as a guest on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert last night. The first subject of discussion was Minaj’s incendiary Queen track “Barbie Dreams,” which explores, as Colbert put it, “reasons [famous] men wouldn’t be able to, as the kids say, get with you.” After Colbert wondered aloud why his name wouldn’t be included among the list of Drake, 50 Cent, DJ Khaled, Meek Mill, Minaj composed a quatrain for Colbert on the spot. “I might f[bleep] Stephen after the show/He gon’ come back to work with a magical glow,” she began. After a lot of embarrassed laughter, she followed up with:“But when you see us please [bleep] don’t stare/Just address me as Queen Nicki Colbert.”

When asked if any of the public figures mentioned in “Barbie Dreams” had been offended, Minaj claimed: “Only one person got a little irritated, but I explained to him how much I love him and now he understands now. And one person, he was just laughing.” She continued: “He was texting me…it was kind of a combination between cursing me out and laughing at it.” Minaj said she kept answering with a crying face emoji, which, as she put it, “pacified him.”

When discussing her 2014 hit “Anaconda,” Minaj also discussed Joe Biden and Donald Trump’s potential love of women with large butts. Biden was the “obvious” winner (“I find that genuine men love big butts”). Colbert also rapped some of the Queen track “LLC.” Yesterday, Minaj also released a new video for the album’s next single “Ganja Burn.” Watch her Colbert interview below.