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Kanye, Chance The Rapper, and Zaytoven Are in the Studio Together

kanye, chance and zaytoven in studio

Last month, Chance the Rapper said Kanye West was coming back to Chicago in order to record Chance’s new 7-track album, and during his Chicago radio appearance yesterday, Kanye confirmed that he was in town to work with Chance. While we don’t know exactly what they’re working on, this morning Kanye tweeted a short video of him in a studio remixing and revamping an old Michael Jackson vocal track to celebrate what would have been the late pop star’s 60th birthday, and in the background, you can see Chance clearly bobbing his head. Presumably, they’re recording tracks and not just messing around with old vocals. Atlanta superproducer Zaytoven is also apparently working with them, based on the below photo. The rumored Chance project appears to be slowly materializing.