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Fucked Up – “Normal People”

"normal people" video

In the run up to their forthcoming album Dose Your Dreams, hardcore rockers Fucked Up have released their new single and video “Normal People.” The record effectively blends punk and poppy dance music to tell a story about the everyday struggle of being alive and trying to find joy. The video, directed by lead guitarist Mike Haliechuk, puts the narrative of the song on display, showing Haliechuk as a sad clown walking around on trains and in supermarkets, vocalist Damien Abraham in therapy, and drummer Jonah Falco as a stressed out businessman.

Haliechuk spoke to Billboard about the new album. “That’s the Dose Your Dreams thing. Everybody has a dream of how the world should work, and certain people and certain companies make their dreams come true,” he said. “Unfortunately, the people that try the hardest to make things happen, it seems their only dreams are about making money and selling things to you.”

Watch the new video below.