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Stream RP Boo’s New Album I’ll Tell You What!

Chicago footwork staple RP Boo, otherwise known as Kavain Space, has released his third LP I’ll Tell You What! It’s the DJ and producer’s first full-length since 2015’s Fingers, Bank Pads, and Shoe Prints, following up the 2016 release of The Ultimate EP and contributions to last year’s 23-track Teklife compilation On Life.

The new album finds Boo mixing expertly chopped vocal samples, skittering, hyperactive house beats, and eerie synth atmosphere. According to a recent interview with BandcampI’ll Tell You What! is his first album to be made using Ableton software, rather than a classic sampler and drum machine. Though he’s exploring new technological territory, he still grounds his work by returning to touchstone sample material he’s used throughout his career. “It’s like when you receive knowledge, especially with a book dealing with spirituality,” he told the site. “It’ll say certain things, but as you progress in life, you could go back and read the same scripture but it will say something totally different as you grow.”

Listen to I’ll Tell You What!, out today from Planet Mu, below.