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Tom Morello Asks a Fan to Fill in on “Bulls on Parade” After Mangled Hand Incident

Tom Morello Invites Fan to Play Guitar on "Bulls on Parade"

Just a three days after Tom Morello endured invasive surgery on the hand he uses to play guitar, he was back onstage with Prophets of Rage in Stockholm. Morello is still recovering from the procedure, so he asked if anyone in the crowd would be willing to fill in for him on guitar for some Rage Against the Machine songs. According to Rolling Stone, fan Mike Svensson jumped onstage and provided a faithful rendition of “Bulls on Parade.”

“Last Thursday, I fractured my hand and broke it in two,” Morello told the crowd. “And the doctor said, ‘There’s no way you guys are going to be able to go on tour. I said, ‘There are some crazy-ass motherfuckers in Sweden who need to see this shit so staple it back together and make sure I’m at that show.”

After telling the audience that his “arm’s getting a little tired now,” he asked if anyone “really” knew how to play Rage songs on the guitar. Morello selected one presumably crazy-ass motherfucker who did a remarkable job filling in on the 1996 hit and looked like he was having a blast doing it. Morello also joined Svensson on some dual guitar posturing. The whole thing was pretty adorable.


Later, Svensson posted a selfie with Morello from backstage.

Body horror fans should check out the wildly upsetting photo Morello posted of his hand surgery where it looks like the doctor was turning him into Robocop.