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Tim Heidecker’s Ode to Jonathan Cheban’s Nasty Gold-Covered Wings Has a Video Now

Tim Heidecker Roasts Jonathan "Foodgod" Cheban: Video

Last week Tim Heidecker released “Jonathan’s Golden Wings (demo),” a song roasting Kardashian hanger on and self-styled “Foodgōd” Jonathan Cheban. The song takes aim at the confounding viral video featuring noted useless human being Cheban and various human guinea pigs biting into wildly undercooked $1,000 chicken wings that happened to have been dusted with $200 worth of 24K gold powder. The modern delicacy leaves a metallic sheen on the lips not unlike the sparkly residue left around Charlie’s mouth after he huffs spray paint out of a paper bag on the early seasons of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

On Wednesday morning, Heidecker shared a clip for the song created by the Twitter Cronenberg of viral video edits, Vic Berger IV.

You can check out the initial Insider video that inspired Heidecker’s parody below from which the comedian cribbed some of his lyrical content verbatim. At about the 2:20 mark you can see correspondent Herrine Ro likely contract salmonella as she reveals the dangerously pink interior of the golden wing out of which she just took a hearty bite.

All proceeds from the sale of Heidecker’s song benefit the L.A. Food Bank.

Heidecker also has a trove of surprisingly good songs about President Trump worth checking out.