SNL’s Pete Davidson & Chris Redd Mock Trump With Drake Parody “Don’s Plan”

Saturday Night Live stars Pete Davidson and Chris Redd teamed up to release a parody of Drake’s “God’s Plan” that mocks Donald Trump. The song is #1 in the country right now, and the accompanying video finds Drake running around Miami giving people money and buying them groceries and generally performing random acts of kindness. It’s a sentimental video aimed at uplifting a city that went through a lot over the past year, and we already saw it parodied on Jimmy Kimmel last week.

In their new parody “Don’s Plan,” Redd and Davidson take the “God’s Plan” beat and rewrite the lyrics to poke fun at Trump. The lyrics focus on news items that have dominated conversation over the past couple of months. The duo take aim at Trump’s notorious Twitter persona and don’t hesitate to call out his alleged affair with Stormy Daniels. “Keeping calm while tweeting is a struggle for me/ Tell Stormy she can pee and cuddle with me/ Steppin’ out the plane as the wind hits my weave/ My ties with the NRA stay deep/ Try to bring the country back to 2003,” the comedians rap in unison.

The rap also boasts the lines, “Kim Jong-un’s a ho” and “Oprah ain’t got shit on me.” The chorus is, of course, just: “Don’s plan/ Don’s plan/ Don’s plan.” Listen to Redd and Davidson’s creation below.

This post originally appeared on Stereogum.


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