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Listen to “Colors,” Another Great Street-Rap Opus From Tee Grizzley

Detroit rapper Tee Grizzley ended out a promising year with a collaborative mixtape with his like-minded Midwestern colleague Lil Durk called Bloodas. Grizzley also showed up on the star-laden Quality Control mixtape, joining Migos’ Takeoff for “We The Ones.” Now the rising MC has released a new solo single, “Colors,” his first since October’s “Win.” The urgent trap beat is the kind that suits Grizzley’s particular skills and fast but never-cluttered flow, which launches into brief hyperdrive around 1:40 for a song-stealing moment. As usual, Grizzley gets the most imagistic power out of the minimum amount of time–“I know some crips, know some treetops/Name good, I ain’t never sold no re-rock/All these colors in my chain like a peacock/I let that .40 slang ’till it de-cock”–and finds catchy new ways to say things rappers have said millions of times. Listen to and watch the video for “Colors” below.

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