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Watch Post Malone Get Freaked While Chasing Phantoms on Ghost Adventures

Post Malone loves living like a “Rockstar.” But he also loves ghosts. How do you reconcile those two seemingly contradictory passions? By booking a trip to the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures, of course. The rapper is a well-known fan of the show that follows ghost hunters Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley and Jay Wasley as they travel to allegedly haunted locales. Joining in the tradition of musicians who’ve appeared on the show in the past (Motley Crue’s Vince Neil, country icon Loretta Lynn), Malone ventured to The Slaughterhouse in Tucson, Arizona, for his episode, which aired on Saturday night (Jan. 13).

The meatpacking plant-turned-haunted attraction gave him plenty of scares, with Malone getting sweaty as he senses a weird energy moving along his neck. Check out the freaky footage below.

Post was just a little excited about his paranormal excursion.

During the episode Post shows up just after some unexplained entity allegedly attacked a member of the crew, leaving the MC saying he was “terrified” before embarking on his adventure in the super creepy location. After hearing what the team describes as screams on the Spirit Sweep device, Malone tries to reassure the crew that a spooky crashing sound they hear is just a “large, dark animal,” even as he freaks just a bit when a large, loud door appears to slam shut on its own. “This door just closed and it wasn’t open earlier anyway,” he says, his voice rising, just as he hears what he describes as a “big thud.”

And then things get super, super creepy when a ghostly stick figure attacks a crew member’s shoulder and a spirit admits that he “touched” Malone’s neck. You’ve been warned.

Watch a (slightly slowed-down) version of the full episode below.

A version of this article appeared in Billboard.