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Watch the Trailer for Stephen Colbert’s New Animated White House Satire Our Cartoon President

Stephen Colbert has long been rumored to be working on a new animated series based on his Late Show Cartoon Donald Trump bit, but now the patriots at Showtime have shared the official trailer for the upcoming series. Titled Our Cartoon President, the show follows Trump through his daily habits of Twitter, Fox News, and McDonalds, as the Orange-faced illustration stumbles through advisory meetings and snoozes through encounters with his adequately-idiotic Large Adult Sons in all their poorly-drawn cartoon glory.

Fans of cartoon political satire might remember Comedy Central’s 2007 effort with Lil’ Bush, a show that inspired only the weakest of connections to politics in its brief 2-season run, but fear not: Our Cartoon President promises to take things up a notch to match the increasing unreality of this sad, strange moment in the United States of America. I guess if there’s one thing uniformly true about this country, it’s that we almost never seem to learn from our mistakes, and even in the hands of the brilliant minds behind The Late Show, some things just don’t seem likely to change anytime soon.

Our Cartoon President premieres February 11 on Showtime. Watch the trailer below.