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Four Tet Announces New Album New Energy

Four Tet has announced a new full-length LP New Energy, the followup to 2015’s Morning/Evening. In a tweeted photo you’ll need spectacles or a heavy squint to read, Kieran Hebden posted the track list for the album and its release date of September 29. The LP will apparently include the previously-released “Sw9 9SL,” “Planet” and “Two Thousand And Seventeen.”  Hebden first teased the album back in July, when he tweeted: “Have been making loads of music. New album almost ready and coming this year.” No cover art for New Energy yet, but check out the full list of songs below.

New Energy:

01 Alap
02 Two Thousand and Seventeen
03 LA Trance
04 Tremper
05 Lush
06 Scientists
07 Falls 2
08 You Are Loved
09 SW9 9SL
10 10 Midi
11 Memories
12 Daughter
13 Gentle Soul
14 Planet