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Ian Svenonius Announces Debut Solo Album as Escape-ism, Releases “Almost No One Can Have My Love”

Nearly 30 years into his career–after doing time in Nation of Ulysses, The Make-Up, and Chain and the Gang–D.C. punk lifer Ian Svenonius is readying his first solo album. He’ll be releasing it under the name Escape-ism, and it’s called Introduction To Escape-ism. Today, our friends at Stereogum premiered the first single, called “Almost No One Can Have My Love,” which sounds a bit like Suicide with more guitars and less menace. Over a primal industrial throb, Svenonius groks goofily about how many pleasures are instantly available in our current technological age. Everything you want can be yours, easily; everything except–you guessed it–Svenonius’s love. Hear it below.