Hiss Golden Messenger – “Domino (Time Will Tell)” & “When the Wall Comes Down”

Hallelujah Anyhowthe faithful new alt-country album from M.C. Taylor’s band Hiss Golden Messenger, arrives September 22. Today, Taylor offered up two highlights representative of the record’s warmth and range: Bluesy roots rocker “Domino (Time Will Tell)” and mellow, spiritually-tinged closer “When the Wall Comes Down.”

Speaking to Uncut recently, Taylor discussed his love for Van Morrison and described his song “Domino” as a tribute to the absurdity of touring life. “‘Domino’ is an acknowledgment that what I do for a living is, on its face, funny,” he said. “But this life has a pull for me; travelling for a living has been existentially good. It’s hard, and hard things are good, I think. When you travel a lot, so many perceived differences between people are flattened, and you realize how small the world is, and how everybody wants the same things—love, warmth, shelter, food, happiness. Things that are simple in description but also deeply rich and, for many, hard to get at.” Also a pretty good description of Hiss Golden Messenger! Listen to both new songs below.


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