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A Sick Justin Bieber Had a Very Bad Night in London

Justin Bieber was clearly having a very bad night last night at his headlining set at a festival in London’s Hyde Park. Fans tweeted that the pop star appeared to blow his nose into someone’s T-shirt, rambled about Vaporub being stuck in his nose, and, according to The Sun, got angry at his backup dancers for talking amongst themselves while he was chatting with the audience. “I’m having a rough night,” he told the London crowd, and was seen holding a water bottle throughout most of the performance. “Don’t judge me.”

This is the latest in his diva-ish behaviors; Bieber recently refused to play his version of “Despacito” at a festival in Sweden, because he couldn’t remember the lyrics to said song, which was probably the correct decision all things considered. Anyway, at least he didn’t have to dodge any water bottles this time.