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Watch a New NSFW Video from Zayn for “Still Got Time” ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR

Today, One Direction’s raunchiest alum Zayn has breathed new life into his recently-released PARTYNEXTDOOR collaboration “Still Got Time” with a lascivious new video, which captures our hero attending a wild house party–one bending toward the orgy side of the spectrum. People are grabbing crotches, undoing flies, lightly rubbing their own chests–all that dope, sexy stuff that happens at parties. They are also tagging walls, getting tattoos, and half of their heads are shaved like Zayn. The boy himself, meanwhile, is bogarting the spliff at the sidelines while sipping on some sort of sickly green cocktail. Later, he meets a monkey and a marauding alligator. The man is horny.

Here’s what director Calmatic had to say about the video to Rolling Stone:

I was asleep in L.A. when I got a call from Luti Media and Zayn’s management at 7AM. They told me to hop on the next flight to London. It was my first time in London so I didn’t know what to expect. When I got there, we met at his crib and he said he wanted to throw the wildest house party imaginable. So we invited everyone we knew and let the cameras roll. The rest is history.

History indeed, and super sexy history at that! Watch below. Zayn’s upcoming second album is out this summer.