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A New Stretch and Bobbito Show Is Coming to NPR

Following the release of a laudatory documentary examining their legacy in 2015 (now a Netflix streaming option), legendary NYC hip-hop radio personalities Robert “Bobbito” Garcia and Adrian “Stretch Armstrong” Bartos are returning to the airwaves–or at least, to the sphere of NPR podcasts. The duo, whose highly influential, star-studded radio show aired between 1990 and 1998 on NYC’s WKCR, have released a new trailer for a podcast produced by NPR, who also hosted screenings of the duo’s documentary in 2015.

El-P is featured in the new trailer, explaining that he “looked up to [Stretch and Bobbito] as the most important thing that you could possibly do…For rap music, you weren’t ish until that moment.” There’s also some jokey banter about being “too NPR-ish” at the end of the clip.

There’s no word whether the podcast will run on NPR stations or online only, and a start date hasn’t been released. You can listen to what seems to be a test pilot episode of the show on NPR’s website, and check out the archive of Stretch and Bobbito’s influential WKCR show on Mixcloud.