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Father John Misty Is Here to Convince You Los Angeles Is Actually Good

Los Angeles is the city of terrible pollution, faith-testing traffic jams, and obscene vanity. Father John Misty is here to argue, no, not quite. The songwriter soundtracked Discover LA’s newly released tourism commercial with “Real Love Baby,” which was released last year but left off his new project, Pure Comedy. Because the ad is trying to convince tourists that LA doesn’t suck, the album’s irony and convoluted examinations of the entertainment complex is substituted for wholehearted sunny vibes.

Of course, the commercial’s inclusive theme and wide smiles are a stark contrast from the bitterness of Pure Comedy cut “Leaving LA” (Sample lyric: “These L.A. phonies and their bullshit bands / That sound like dollar signs and Amy Grant”). Try to watch the commercial unironically below.