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Watch Father John Misty Parody Jazz Music in His New “Jazz Imposters” Videos

Father John Misty has given his social media presence a makeover since the release of his album Pure Comedy on Friday, and his new branding has nothing to do with that record. FJM seems to be advertising his new project Jazz Impostors, which is a joke along the lines of comedian Jon Benjamin’s I Can’t Play Piano project and Tim and Eric’s “Jazz Sessions” skits, though not quite as funny.

Misty has been tweeting photos and videos of himself and his friend/engineer Trevor Spencer in the studio making fun of typical jazz musical gestures. Misty, otherwise known as former Fleet Foxes/Saxon Shore drummer Josh Tillman, plays the skins, showing off his ride-cymbal-clanging skills, while “Tre” contributes dissonant keyboard splats. Watch their clips below.

This is not a joke, he claims. (It’s a joke.)