Wolfgang Voigt Announces First New Album as Gas in 17 Years

After 17 years without releasing a record, Cologne producer Wolfgang Voigt has announced a new album as GAS. The ambient-house auteur known for blissed-out records like Pop and Königsforst will return with ten tracks grouped beneath the title NARKOPOP. The release will be available on triple-LP, with a CD and art book included, as well digitally starting April 21 via Kompakt.

The announcement comes with a string of new tour dates across Europe and Japan, as well as a short trailer for the album, which includes a brief clip of slow-moving ambient soundscapes set against chilling forest and nature shots. Check out the tour dates, album art, and trailer below.

Wolfgang Voigt Announces First New Album as Gas in 17 Years

GAS Tour Dates:

April 8 — Cpenhagen, DK @ Jazzhouse
April 28 — Krems, AT @ Donaufestival
April 30 — Frankfurt, DE @ Mousontum
June 3 — Barcelona, ES @ Primavera
June 10 — Bonn, DE @ Bundeskusthalle
June 23 — Milan, IT @ Terraforma
July 15 — JP @ Rural Festival
August 3 — Amsterdam, NL @ Dekmantel Festival
September 9 — Berlin, DE @ Funkhaus
October 8 — London, UK @ Barbican


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