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Run the Jewels Visit Desus and Mero to Talk Early Years, El-P’s Crowdsurfing Fiancée

Before they left the States to tour behind RTJ3 in Europe, Run the Jewels visited Desus and Mero to share some stories with the Bronx comedians. Over the course of the eight-minute segment, Killer Mike recalls getting his first advance check (“I was like, ‘Nigga, I’m rich.'”) and blowing up with OutKast’s help. El-P, who’s now engaged, remembered the hilariously unfortunate story of when his fiancée tried to stage dive.

“She doesn’t have too much experience stage diving: “So instead of doing what you’re supposed to do—which is you get on the edge of the stage and [signal] so that everyone sees you, everyone braces, and then you jump off—she kind of went down in the photography pit, climbed up, and just tried to go on the crowd. She went 2 feet and went bloaw.”

Watch the conversation, where Mike reminds you that you should’ve voted for Bernie Sanders, below.