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Watch Diddy’s Tribute to the Notorious B.I.G. on the 20th Anniversary of His Death

The commercial success of the Notorious B.I.G.‘s classic 1994 debut Ready to Die formed the bedrock for Diddy‘s still-standing Bad Boy empire. Today marks the 20th anniversary of Biggie’s death, and the mogul shared a brief video tribute to his fallen friend to mark the occasion.

“This year is more of a sobering year,” Diddy says in his video, captioned #wemissyouBIG. “For us, we lived 20 years of our lives without somebody that has been a big part of our lives. That has basically been responsible…for the legend of our careers. He’s fed a lot of families, made a lot of people dance, made a lot of people feel good.”

Diddy, who recently concluded a Bad Boy reunion tour, sent his respects to his fans and Biggie’s mother Voletta Wallace after adding a sobering caveat: “Time heals all wounds, but this wound ain’t heal yet.” Watch the clip below.