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Brooklyn Venue Shea Stadium Announces a New Kickstarter to Help Reopen After Closing

Shea Stadium, a Brooklyn venue that has been a mainstay of New York’s DIY scene, has announced a new Kickstarter campaign to help reopen the space, which was shuttered earlier this month after “pressure from local authorities.” The organizers of the Kickstarter say they are working to make Shea “a completely legal, 100% permitted venue.”

To make this possible, the group must undertake a number of costly renovations needed to pass inspections by the Department of Buildings, New York Fire Department, and New York Department of Health, as well as cover legal and architectural fees, fire safety training, and health and bar permits that would allow the venue to operate legally and legitimately in the eyes of city officials. With an all-or-nothing goal of $50,000, the organizers hope that the community that allowed them to thrive for so long can now help cover the cost to continue the independent venue.

“When a space shuts down, musicians don’t just lose a place to play,” the venue shared in a press release. “Every space is the focal point of an entire ecosystem of artists that provide support and fosters creative action in the world. As we stare down the powerful forces that stand between us and full legalization, we know we owe it to the community to continue despite a long road ahead.”

The venue, located in Bushwick, Brooklyn, opened in 2009, and has been responsible for thousands of shows and live recordings, from bands like Blood Orange, Future Islands, and Screaming Females.

Almost halfway to their current goal, the Kickstarter can be found here. More information is also available on the venue’s Facebook page.