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Video: Lady Gaga – “John Wayne” [UPDATE]

In this week between the Super Bowl halftime show and her performance with Metallica at the Grammys, we’re enjoying a period of Pax (Peak?) Gaga. Today comes a new video for Joanne‘s cowboy-themed stomper “John Wayne,” and if the song already felt overstuffed, wait until you see the video. This Jonas Åkerlund-directed acid horror Western is a hell-on-wheels bad trip, jam-packed with neon lighting, vampy looks, and “professional driver on a closed course” stunts. As always, it will require multiple viewings to catch all the sinister details.

The “John Wayne” video is exclusive to Apple Music “for a limited time,” and copyright-locked so tight you can’t even embed it, let alone screenshot it. Apple Music subscribers can watch it here, and we’ll update with a YouTube when it’s available.

Update: “John Wayne” is now available on YouTube. Watch it right now.