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Riz Ahmed Raps Twista Lyrics and Sleeps With Lena Dunham in the Girls Season 6 Premiere

The premiere episode of the sixth and final season of Lena Dunham’s Girls was–needless to say, perhaps–filled with facepalm moments. How do we count the ways? It would be reasonable to devote an entire post to the absurdity of the dramatic opening montage of people reading Hannah’s (Dunham) first piece in the New York Times, which is, of course, about Adam (Adam Driver) and Jessa (Jemima Kirke).

Below is a screenshot of that supposedly life-changing piece:

CREDIT: Nicole Schilder / HBO

But the more important development in the first episode was the introduction of rising actor and rapper Riz Ahmed (The Night Of, Rogue One, The OA, Swet Shop Boys) as a new love interest for Hannah. Ahmed plays a super-chill nomadic surf instructor Hannah meets while on a writing assignment in Montauk. He awakens her to the evils of the cynical New York City mentality and woos her (cue long bunk-bed sex scene) with some impromptu #dope rhymes–that is, him rapping over Twista’s “Slow Jamz”–in the club.

There is symmetry with Donald Glover’s suspect and short-lived appearance at the beginning of Season 2 here. Also, it’s funny that Girls now has two major cast members in common with Star Wars.

You can scroll to 1:09 in the “Inside the Episode” video below for a very short sampling of the “Slow Jamz” moment, and find plenty of other even more nonsensical and upsetting tidbits from the season premiere woven in. For instance, how about that really weird joke about Shailene Woodley (co-star of the upcoming HBO show Big Little Lies, mind you) and her unconventional tanning methods? Girls is very much back, folks.