Report: T.I.’s Bodyguard Stabbed in Canada While Guarding Merch Table

ABBOTSFORD, BC - JANUARY 14: Rapper T.I. performs on stage at Abbotsford Entertainment and Sports Centre on January 14, 2017 in Abbotsford, Canada. (Photo by Andrew Chin/Getty Images)

One of T.I.’s bodyguards was stabbed in the leg three times at the rapper’s concert in New Brunswick, Canada last night, TMZ reports. The stabbing reportedly took place near T.I.’s merch table, which the 23-year-old was guarding at the time.

In a statement on Facebook, the venue, appropriately called The Venue, implied that the attack occurred because the concert was running late due to T.I.’s demands.

The incident with the artist’s entourage that took place happened in the closed section of the nightclub and the police have handled that issue as they see fit. We apologize for the show running late which we feel led to these issues, many last minute changes had to be made for the artist that put our staff in situations that we did not plan on being in before the show, and ran the show even later then planned.

The bodyguard was reportedly treated at a local hospital for minor injuries and released early this morning.


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