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Michael Jackson’s Daughter Isn’t a Fan of a White Actor Playing Her Father in a Movie

Urban Myths is an upcoming show that’s an anthology of “true…ish stories” that’s revolved around famed celebrities. One of them focuses on a supposed road trip Michael Jackson took from New York to Los Angeles. Jackson is also being played by actor Joseph Fiennes, who’s a white man. So when the trailer dropped yesterday, fans were understandably pissed that the legend was being played by a white man in haphazardly constructed prosthetics.

Jackson’s 18-year-old daughter Paris has joined the quarry. When she was prompted by podcast The MJCast, Paris made it known that she was “offended” by the portrayal of her father. “[I]t honestly makes me want to vomit,” she says in one of the tweets.

Of course, Paris’ grievances are one of many. Julie Rodriguez has started a petition that calls for the boycotting of the show, and it’s so far reached over 20,000 signatures. The offending trailer for Urban Myths, which is scheduled to air on Sky Arts, can be viewed below.