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3 Doors Down and Toby Keith Are Back on the Billboard Charts Thanks to Trump

After stepping back into the limelight at the Make America Great! Welcome Celebration Concert, aka President Trump’s answer to Woodstock ’99, 3 Doors Down and Toby Keith are back on the Billboard Top 200 charts. 3 Doors Down hit #94 while Keith got to #159, as Billboard reports.

3 Doors Down, the concert’s primary rock n’ roll attraction, moved 6,000 units of their 2012 The Greatest Hits collection in the week following the festivities. (3,000 were physical sales.) Toby Keith’s 35 Greatest Hits, meanwhile, moved 5,000 units. THR reports the inaugural concert grossed 6.6 million viewers via the three cable channels that showed it. (Fox News accounted for roughly 2/3 of that figure.)

Following the concert, 3 Doors Down guitarist Chris Henderson took a breather to memorialize the fleeting moment where they topped the iTunes albums list: