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Vice’s Canned Corporate Rebellion Now Served With Alcohol

You know what’s cool? Vice. You know what else is cool? Beer, the ultimate beverage. You know what’s really cool? Vice beer, brought to you by in partnership with AB Inbev, the ultimate large-scale beverage manufacturer.

Fast Company reports that Old Blue Last, a beer produced by Vice and named after a pub it owns and operates in Shoreditch, will go on sale “in select bars in lower Manhattan and Brooklyn” this month, before it is rolled out nationally. The beer will be brewed in “small batches” at Vice HQ in Brooklyn, and also at a larger facility in Long Island, “with the help and expertise” of AB Inbev, a longtime Vice client, according to Fast Co. 


AB Inbev, if you need a refresher on the major players of the international alcohol industry, can basically be thought of as Big Beer: Budweiser, Corona, Stella Artois, Beck’s, and Michelob are all owned by the company, along with a slew of smaller international labels. OK, These guys sound like true beer experts, you’re thinking to yourself. But I’m looking for something a little more specialized and authentic–maybe an easy-drinking, five-percent-ABV beer with a refreshing, distinct flavor. Can they really pull that kind of thing off?

You’re in luck. From Fast Co.:

The beer is described as “an easy-drinking, five-percent-ABV beer with a refreshing, distinct flavor” and “a perfect patio beer.”

Vice beer–yum. Coming soon to a punk dive or grocery store near you.

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