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The Weeknd Releases “Starboy” Single Featuring Daft Punk

Hours after unveiling the art and title of his forthcoming album Starboy, the Weeknd dropped a track by the same name as its first single. The singer also managed to pull in a guest performance from Daft Punk.

Fortunately Daft Punk decided not to push their more recent brand of disco-chic onto the Weeknd. “Starboy” showcases production flair as moody, after-hours-ready instrumentals couch a catchy drum line. “Look what you’ve done / I’m a motherfuckin’ Starboy,” the Weeknd croons on the hook. (Though it’s more “star, boy” than “starboy” here.)

Although the Weeknd hasn’t announced the release date himself, the Apple Music pre-order menu shows that the album is scheduled to drop on November 25. Starboy is also a whopping 18 tracks long. Listen to the title song below via Apple Music.