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The Weeknd Donated $50,000 to Ethiopic Studies at the University of Toronto

Money supports a new course on the ancient language of Ethiopia

Abel Tesfaye, a.k.a. the Weeknd, has donated $50,000 to help establish an Ethiopic studies program at the University of Toronto, the Toronto Star reports. The Toronto-born singer is the son of Ethiopian immigrants. According to the Star, money will go towards a course on Ge’ez, the ancient language of Ethiopia that’s sometimes referred to as Ethiopic.

The new program is a partnership between the university and the Bikila Award, a community organization named after Olympic marathoner Abebe Bikila. The organization first reached out to the public for help raising its $50,000 contribution, before Tesfaye surprised them by offering the full amount.

The Weeknd tweeted about the new program, including a link for fans to offer additional donations.

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