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Tyga Tries Out Poverty Tourism in ‘1 to 1’ Video

Tyga’s new single “1 to 1” is the backwash of the trop-pop wave, and it now has a new video that’s somehow even worse. It was shot in Jamaica, and just to drive home the authenticity, it opens with a spoken-word intro from Tyga:

Kingston, Jamaica. Real gully. Much like the ghetto back home, just more undeveloped. What some see as dirty and less fortunate, we see beauty.

Oof. Right after his speech, Tyga pulls up in a Mercedes convertible and meets Amina Blue, a Queens-born model known for her work with Tyga’s (maybe)ex-girlfriend’s brother-in-law, Kanye West. Tyga and Amina then try out some yellow-and-green Jamaican duds while local kids play soccer.

“1 to 1” also features not one but two clumsily-inserted interludes with unclear plots and terrible acting. Then, inexplicably, we flash back to “Earlier That Day,” our heroes take a ride on a bamboo raft, and the whole thing ends with “To Be Continued.” Please, no. Watch (or don’t!) below.

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