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Your Summer Playlist Deserves SONOS Speakers

Amazon sonos speakers

Sometimes your laptop speakers can only get you so far. SONOS PLAY:1 speakers bring music out of your lap and into your home, loud and clear, with Trueplay tuning that makes your music sound just as rich as the album production intended. And since they’re humidity resistant, you can even set them up outside for your patio or backyard.

With one app, you can control all of your streaming services––because at this point, you’ve probably got 50 different subscriptions to keep track of. And if you’re anything like me and treat Amazon reviews like a holy scripture, you’ll be happy to know these speakers don’t just have five and a half stars, they’ve got 4.6.

If you need any more convincing that now’s the time to finally invest in some killer speakers, Amazon is offering a $20 gift card with your SONOS order for a limited time, so you can stock up on music to test those bad boys out.


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