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AlunaGeorge and ZHU Open Up and Dig Deep on ‘My Blood’

AlunaGeorge’s upcoming album seems to be in a semi-permanent state of flux — they’ve alternately promised both that it was due this spring and now, in a new interview on Beats 1, that they’re still picking their favorite songs before things can move forward — but at least the British pop duo’s dropping song crumbs along the way.

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Today’s newbie is “My Blood,” a gurgling collaboration with electronic producer ZHU, that’s an introspective bit of pop-n-b. It doesn’t pack quite the punch “I’m In Control” did — a squandered summer single if there’s ever been one — but “My Blood” does, at least, give us a better vision of what AlunaGeorge’s LP might one day, sooner or later, sound like. Hear it below.