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Steve Angello’s ‘Prisoner’ Enters the Race as Sixth Video From ‘Wild Youth’

Electronic maestro Steve Angello has a taste for the cinematic and is hungry for more; the 33-year-old is releasing a sixth music video for his 13-track debut solo album, Wild Youth. The Swedish producer uses the medium as an opportunity to blend his music with a plot-heavy narrative and continues the trend in his newest video for “Prisoner,” which features “Cinema” writer Gary Go.

The nearly six-minute clip follows the story line of brothers preparing for an upcoming folkrace event. When a rival takes over, Angello briefly cuts the music, à la Tarantino, dragging the viewer out of the audience and making them a bystander of something more realistic. The only actors in the video are the Hagbergs, a family of Swedish folkrace drivers — Angello wanted to create a documentary about the racing sport and the people behind it, in the same fashion of his video for “The Ocean” that shows the bloody world of boxing without neglecting to show the lives within it. Of the clip, Angello says:

With the song “Prisoner” I really wanted to tell a story. So when it came to the music video, it felt right to create a visual that was strong in storytelling.

I also wanted to touch on the dark and almost maniacal side of Swedish culture. We picked the motorsport called “Folkracing” to visualize this and to tell a story around something that is fairly unknown to most people.

Our creative partner, Made by Forest, sent me a treatment built around a story of two brothers heavily involved and almost obsessed with the sport. It felt like a natural fit for the song, the perception of being a prisoner to your own feelings.

The brothers’ passion and love for the sport is as big as my love for music, and I am very proud of the end result of this project.

Watch his video for “Prisoner” below and get Wild Youth, out now via Size Records, here.