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Recondite Cultivates a Dark Headspace on Spectral ‘Warg’

Recondite, a.k.a. Lorenz Brunner, released his breakout single, 2014’s ominous Caldera, on Scuba‘s techno-focused imprint Hotflush Recordings, and 2013’s bleak LP Hinterland on Brooklyn’s more experimentally beat-based Ghostly International (among other releases on additional labels) — both of which are apt opposing benchmarks for the Bavarian-born, Berlin-based producer’s atmospheric rollers. His new single for the former, the possibly Lord of the Rings-referencing “Warg” (b/w “Phalanx,” out March 18), is a sinewy exercise in big-room tech-house with enough booming space to sound like there’s a vast warehouse between your ears. Listen below.