Recondite Cultivates a Dark Headspace on Spectral ‘Warg’

Recondite, a.k.a. Lorenz Brunner, released his breakout single, 2014's ominous Caldera, on Scuba's techno-focused imprint Hotflush Recordings, and 2013's bleak LP Hinterland on Brooklyn's more experimentally beat-based Ghostly International (among other releases on additional…
Harley Brown / March 17, 2016

Hear an Alternate Take of ‘Stems,’ From Recondite’s Seductive New Album

Recondite's "Stems (Into the Dew Mix)" ends exactly as it starts: fading into shifting whispers of white noise gleaned from his field recordings. Like the…
Elissa Stolman / October 11, 2013